Veterans in Parking


Veterans in Parking

I spent an hour with Doug Cram at the California Parking and Transportation meet this week in San Jose. I sort of knew what Doug was doing, but it turns out I was a bit off course. What Doug has is a labor of love. He won’t get rich, he won’t have something to sell and retire. He has a program to help veterans leaving the service find jobs in the parking industry.

As I consider this Veteran’s Day, I think about the vets who serve, those who don’t return, and those who, like Doug, actually do something rather than put up a flag one day a year.

After listening to his story, I was embarrassed that we weren’t doing more. Yes, he thanked me for our help, but what we do is minimal.

He had tears in his eyes as the told the story of Veterans in Parking and how its funded (don’t ask), how much work it takes to get a single vet hired, and how little the military does on their end to help those who exit the service.

His problem isn’t lack of trying. He says that the officers that are supposed to help when a vet’s time is up, hear ‘parking’ and think ‘no, I need a real job for these men and women.’ He says he does as much PR for the industry as he does seeking out openings and listing them on his web site. (

These are people who have been taught how to work, how to think clearly, how to show up on time and be responsible. And, Doug says, they are ‘mission oriented.’ Give them a goal, they know how to get there.

Doug is basically a one man band. If you have ‘webmaster’ skills contact him. He needs the help. If you are good at PR, or outreach, or simply want to help, this kind man would love to talk.

Make this veteran’s day more than just a salve for your conscience. Actually, DO something for veterans. Doug has the infrastructure, give him a hand.


Kelley Havener

Kelley Havener

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