Wanda has it nailed


Wanda has it nailed

I had to laugh – Periodically I check out PT’s Facebook page just to be current on what our “fans” are saying. Wanda, a denizen of the internet, commented that only in Marin county would one find Parking, Cows, and a poet laureate mentioned in three successive sentences. Here’s the story:

Plans to crack down on parking scofflaws in Stinson Beach are scheduled for adoption by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. The board plans to boost fines for parking violators in Stinson, Bolinas and Muir Beach from $63 to $99. The board also will meet the county’s new poet laureate, Lyn Follet, review the county livestock and agricultural report for 2009, and consider next fiscal year’s open space district budget.

Here’s what Wanda said:

Ok, this just cracked me up:-) Only in Marin County:-) Haha:-) Where else would you have parking, live stock and a poet laureate mentioned in one breath:-) So they park the happy cows and then, fine the unhealthy, hormone fed ones. While they try to mind their budget and their poet laureate composes a sonnet about it all:-) Maybe that is why I bought a cookbook: “Organic Marin.” It is poetic, way above my budget and it makes me want to park myself at the nearest beach while being called a “scofflaw.”

Go Wanda


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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