Was the IPI Show Really that Good?


Was the IPI Show Really that Good?

Yep — I think so.  Kim Jackson and her crew outdid themselves this year.  The show was superb. There was a lot of traffic, and I heard only positive comments about the three day exhibition. I also heard that the content of most of the sessions was up there, too.  What more could you want.

Well, I will be my cynical self and note that you might want a bit more. Attendance, that is.  Although folks were satisfied, what do the numbers really say.  Most of the folks I spoke to were companies that supplied on street revenue systems (software, Pay and Display.Space, enforcement.). This is really the hot number right now. Cities are looking for additional money, and parking is a good place to get it.

Therefore I think you are going to see a lot of municipal attendance at these events. But what are the numbers.  There are about 4,000 cities in the US with more than 10,000 population. My guess is that about 150 appeared at the IPI show.  Now if you were selling to those cities, and over three days you got 125 leads, you would be ecstatic.  But what about the other 3,875. 

The IPI has begun a program of outreach to hopefully contact these folks and get them involved in its programs.  I support that action 100%. Of course, there are also 4500 colleges/universities, 350 airports, 1000 hospitals, and countless shopping malls, business parks, hotels, venues, commercial operators and the like. I am told that there are most likely more than 35,000 senior parking managers nationwide. Good start, IPI. We’re here to help.


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