“We are Doing OK – But Those Guys Over there are in Real Trouble”


“We are Doing OK – But Those Guys Over there are in Real Trouble”

As I call around checking the temperature of the industry, I seem to get comments like the one above. Of course, there are owners and operators that are feeling the result of lower business and vacation travel, that are seeing lower daily revenues due to the fact that restaurants and clubs are closed. The input I get that in commercial garages the revenues may be down as much as 50% and airport operations see their parking revenues dropping to as much as 80% of normal. That ain’t good.

But manufacturers are telling me that the reduction in customer interaction has given them the opportunity to focus their resources on new products and time to correct issues in their software. Installers are commenting that installations are going smoothly due to the lack of traffic in parking lanes. If there ever was a time to install, this is it. If there was ever a time to plan, consider changes, make your operation better, this is it.

PT is offering free help wanted ads in both our print and digital platforms. Anything we can do to help. There are over a dozen listed, with five that came in today. Companies are hiring. I know we are. We just hired a new sales manager who began this week.

Don’t get me wrong, times like this aren’t pleasant. However, we must work with what we have. It is also the case that this won’t last forever. This is an excellent time to take stock, make those additions and changes you had been planning, and prepare for that wonderful time when pandemics are only a faint memory.


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  1. Our industry is filled with great people that are hard-working, responsive, and resilient.

    Continue to be smart, kind, and as generous as you can be as we move through this challenging but not insurmountable series of challenges.

    Help each other.

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