We should do it cuz everyone else does…


We should do it cuz everyone else does…

The Mayor of Newbrugh, NY, says his city should charge for parking and take the money to “help out” the city. Read this from the local press:

Valentine suggests parking meters in restaurant area

NEWBURGH – Newburgh should be collecting parking meter revenue from people who come into the city to dine, Mayor Nicholas Valentine said Monday.

The added money by putting meters on Front Street, Water Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard would help out the city and not put an added burden on its residents, he said.

“You do it everywhere else. Every other city you go to, you walk in, you pull into a parking garage or you pull into a parking meter and you pay,” he said.

The discussion surfaced when the city council approved limited parking on Front and Dubois streets.

Now there’s some real in depth thought. Is this type of thinking typical of our politicians? They see something in place somewhere else and immediately think they should do it in their town. No doubt if hizzonner has some idea of what they should charge, what the hours of operation should be, and how the plan will be enforced. He simply looked across to the next town and can follow their lead.

Mark points out that since they don’t charge here, this must be the place where people go when they leave downtowns due to parking charges. “Paid parking will kill downtown business. People will go to (Fill in the blank). They don’t charge over there.”


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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