What a Great Idea – Citizen’s reporting Handicapped Parking Violations


What a Great Idea – Citizen’s reporting Handicapped Parking Violations

There's a web site — http://www.handicappedfraud.org/index.php and there's an I phone app. If Handicapped Parking Violations just pisses you off, here's a way to strike back. The owner of the site sends a monthly report to each state's DMV with a list of violators. My only fear is that the DMVs will act like most DMVs. They will smile nicely and say thank you and then do nothing. The goal needs to be to notify the parking enforcement folks when the violation is taking place.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – I know all the problems – no witnesses, no follow up, possible that a person is in fact handicapped and you don't know it. Vigilantes, all the rest. But the point is that if we do nothing, this just goes on and on. Perhaps through PT's good offices, we can get an interface running between the site and local parking enforcement. Who knows? I know that most enforcement loves to catch the cretins. I love the part where you leave a post it note saying that their violation has been reported. (Post it notes, preprinted, are available at the site. My guess is that most of the 5 bucks you send in goes to keep the site going.)

Wanda was livid that what she would call very "unhandicapped" persons who were parking in the neighborhood around a relatively severe hiking area near Hollywood in LA and using either borrowed or forged handicapped permits to park in areas restricted to residents only. I have hiked that area and let me tell you, if they had any handicapped dealing with locomotion, they couldn't possibly do it.

I have contacted the web site owners and will get back to you with more information. Thanks to Wanda Krol who found this web site and posted it on our Facebook site. PT Facebook readers are the best.


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