What Does this Sign Mean?


What Does this Sign Mean?

A fellow in Omaha got a ticket for parking there on Saturday (He’s not handicapped) and a judge threw it out. Here’s the deal — It’s always a handicapped parking space, but between 8:30 AM and 5PM M-F there is a three hour limit. At other times there is no limit.

But unfortunately that is not what it says.  The city says it has changed the signs a number of times in the past few years but has never been able to come up with a solution. They are going to try two signs next.  I’m sure that will solve the problem.

How about trying this:

This is always a Disabled Parking Spot

Between 8:30 AM and 5 PM  M-F

They can park for 3 hours only.

All other time, the Disabled

can park as long as they like.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I am sure this was passed to a consultant who said “I’ll look into it”.

    He would have had a good look, then did nothing. Which is still delivering 100% on his promise.

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