What Happened to Paul Manning?


What Happened to Paul Manning?

For those following the exploits of Paul Manning and the “Death by Parking” series, don’t fret, Paul, Shirley and the rest of the gang will be back in September. Magazines in print have a finite size and when we have to leave something out, it is usually something created by the sick mind of the editor during an afternoon when nothing else was pressing.
We put articles provided by contributors first, then our columns (Big Ben, Amateur Parker,  and PT the Auditor) and then the more frivolous pieces, like “Death.”

Paul and Co. will see you in September


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Hi Stew:
    I’m a little slow — I don’t understand your comment — In the last couple of months we have had articles on :
    LED Lighting
    Pay by Place
    Lighting Controls
    Chip and Pin
    Technology Upgrades
    How Important is Garage Management
    IP Intercoms
    Upgrading technology in a garage
    Plus the usual jibber jabber

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