What Happened to Taxis


What Happened to Taxis

Taxis have existed since the 1700s. They are ubiquitous in major cities around the world. Suddenly, they are being challenged by Uber and Lyft. Seemingly overnight taxis are being replaced by an app on your smart phone.

But is the app the real reason?

Taxis had no competition. They set a very low bar for themselves. The chances are the drivers didn’t speak your language. They were filthy. They assumed you were a criminal by having video monitoring and a big piece of bulletproof glass separating you from the driver. When it came time to pay, it was a negotiation. Plus to get one was a real problem.

They didn’t seem to care. It was “my way or the highway.”

Then came Uberlyft. A tap on your phone and it was on the way. You knew who was coming, how long it was going to take, and how much it was going to cost. You had a choice of a limo, a standard sedan, a small car, or a shared (cheaper) ride. The cars were clean, the drivers attentive. You could even let the people you were meeting know where you were and when you would arrive. Often they offer phone charging, and a bottle of water. At the end you could rate the car and its driver. Taxis were toast.

If you see Uberlyft as a competitor, can you see why? Do you see any similarities between your parking operation and a taxi. Is your garage pristine, or dirty? Do your employees communicate clearly with your customers? Is your facility bright and having an appearance of safety? Is it easy to find, is it easy to pay? Do you have special features for your customers like concierge service, perhaps a nearby Starbucks, or service for their vehicles. Do you have internal valet service? How about a shuttle to nearby restaurants, clubs, or venues. Do you offer a driver if they overindulge?

Are you so concerned about competition with other garages that you don’t join in a program to promote parking in your area, or the development of an app to easily find parking in the neighborhood?

How have you promoted the “Parking Experience” in your neighborhood. Is your “Parking Experience” a great one?

Think about it.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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