What Happens in Amsterdam Stays…


What Happens in Amsterdam Stays…

Last night was party night at the Intertraffic show. I only made two, with a dinner in between but I did last until after midnight, a new record.

The evening started innocently enough with the Metric Crew on a floating Chinese Restaurant.  I walked in and was greeted with a draft Heinken (naturally) but a rousing group one might hope to find in a pub in the midlands of England. Laughter, stories, and every accent from Aussie, Scot, Yorkshire, and even a Yank or Two.  I knew it was time to bail when a party goer reminded me of an evening I spent in Sao Paulo, and he wasn’t even there.

During the Metric party I received a text from T2’s Irena Goloschokin and one of her colleagues who suggested I meet them in front of the NH Hotel near the Liedisplein.  Of course there are 12 NH hotels in the area and I selected the wrong one. After we sorted that out the question was where for dinner.  A T2 vp and a publisher couldn’t make a decision so we went into the one that was 10 feet away, had a wonderful meal, and talked parking and technology for three hours.  That, too, will be the basis for an article next month. Don’t worry , Irena, I think I can remember when you said “off the record.:”

The Highlight of the evening was Skidata’s legendary party on Rembrantplein. When I got there at 1130 it was rocking. I think I had a long conversation with Digital Printing’s Peter Young, I remember Skidata’s senior manager Robert Weiskoff and his boss dancing on the tables —  well almost, and then there was that powdered chocolate — ask someone who was there. It was topped off with a Lady GaGa impersonator.

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