What was he Thinking?


What was he Thinking?

What was Churchill thinking about when he sat on the roof of 10 Downing Street and watched the bombs fall on his beloved London. He knew that it probably wasn’t the safest place. His staff was pleading with him to come inside to the safety of the war rooms. Why was he there?

Is it possible that he felt that he needed to see what his decisions had wrought? Or perhaps was it a time for him to think about all the decisions he made that got him to that roof, and review whether he was right or wrong? His decisions were life and death. They meant survival of a people and its culture. Was he having second thoughts, or was he ensuring that he was right?

Do we spend even a few minutes thinking about decisions we have made? Not decisions that affect the course of history, but decisions that may affect the course of the next few minutes, or our relationships, or perhaps how our company will or will not survive.

How often do we make snap judgements and then press on? Considering the possible results of our decisions isn’t a bad thing. It may just allow us to make adjustments to our decision and those changes just might make it better, stronger, and more in line with other decisions we have made.

Things didn’t move as fast in 1939  as they do in our digital world. Winnie was able to take a bit of time to consider his decisions, talk to his advisors, get input, and then frankly, do the best he could.

Its ironic that the very tools we use to get information and communicate with others may push us into actions that are ill considered. Just because someone says they need a decision “NOW!” doesn’t mean you have to make it. They may not like it, but put them off a day or two. When you let them know what you are going to do, it will be closer to the right thing.

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