What Next?


What Next?

The headline in the fourth lead story on the net today was: "Jude Law, Sienna Miller Spotted Together" This was right up there with the Constitution in Iraq, the removal of the Settlers in Gaza and John Robert’s fight on Capital Hill.

Now I may be a cynic, but come on. How does the love life of a couple of actors even rate in the scheme of things. Is this a slow news day? I would think that the Middle East, the Supreme Court, even high gas prices might edge out the Hollywood Set. But no.

What’s next — "Star’s homes on Sunset Blvd Tour" or "Billy Bush Buys New Dog" or how about the real above the fold grabber: "63 Year Old Harrison Ford still with 40 year old Calista Flockheart"

I mean, does anyone really care about this stuff. Now if there was some good info on some parking leaders or problems with parking in Peoria, that would be OK


Don’t ask how I happen to know the ages of Harrison Ford and Calista Flockheart…

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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