What Really Happened???


What Really Happened???

If you believe his story, this fellow and his wife were going out to dinner. They parked their SUV in a surface lot.  Three plain Clothes police officers approached their car, started yelling at him. He got out to try to solve their problem, and they beat him up. Read about it here.

OK, now if you read the article carefully — you may determine a slightly different story.

Its possible that the vehicle was taking up two parking space.  When the police asked him to repark his car, he got out of the car and started yelling.  One thing led to another, and he was hit in the nose, and got a nosebleed.  Note that the word "melee" is used to describe the incident.  I don’t know where that came from but whatever.

Naturally the police are investigating before they comment.  The "victim" is calling every media outlet possible.

What do I think — I don’t like the idea that someone got a bloody nose, however I also hate it when people in SUV’s think they can park in spaces marked for "small Cars."  I also just HATE it when someone with a fancy car takes two spaces so their auto won’t get dinged.

Now as someone in the parking business, I understand the issues.  The driver will complain that there 1)wasn’t enough parking  2) the spaces were too small  3) the police are a bunch of Nazi Thugs.

Who knows what the truth is.  My feeling is that the police may have taken out some frustration on this fellow, but my guess also is that he wasn’t blameless.  I also think that if he were paying to park in that lot, he might have some morality on his side.  He most likely wasn’t.  Third, if they did charge at the lot, there probably would have been plenty of available parking.

Just my opinion


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John Van Horn

2 Responses

  1. Well, I’m just venting on
    1. Police can do no right
    2. Hotheads seem to get all the headlines
    3. Some people don’t know how to park
    This isn’t the end of the world, just one of those little things that make life not quite so easy.

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