What’s so “Super” about the Super Bowl?


What’s so “Super” about the Super Bowl?

I’m not a sports nut. I like a good football or baseball game as much as the next guy, but I don’t spend my weekends, Monday and Thursday night invested in this team or that. But I do watch the Super Bowl.

Over the years they have been good, bad, or boring, with some great ads, some stinkers, and halftime shows that have had everything from fireworks to costume malfunctions. This year it was different.

From the moment Jhene Aiko began to Sing “America the Beautiful” til the thrilling ending as the Rams squeaked it out, Super Bowl LVI had a different feel than most, and it was wonderful.

The National Anthem, combined with the Air Force historic fly over brought tears to my eyes. In case you missed it, the fly over was led by a P 51 Mustang, a mainstay of our efforts in World War II. Other fighter aircraft up to and including the F-35 were in the five plane group.

The game was as expected, hard fought and exciting with the outcome unknown until the last few minutes. The famous commercials were poignant, funny, touching, and in many cases silly. I think the winner in this case was Budweiser, the horse and the dog. If you are into hip-hop and rap, the halftime show was outstanding. Even if you aren’t, it was colorful, different, and extremely well done. As a way to show off the new SoFI Stadium, home of the LA Rams in Inglewood, the Super Bowl was terrific. Surely if there was any ‘star’ in this show, it was the beautiful stadium.

OK, all that aside, what was so different about this Super Bowl?

For the first time in over two years, there was a positivity in the air. People were excited, they were happy, they were glad to be there. There was a feeling of hope, optimism, and relief. That light at the end of a long miserable tunnel was getting closer. The pandemic was coming to an end. And what a way to celebrate it.

The numbers are cautiously looking good. The science is confirming that we have turned an important corner. The attitude of the Super Bowl attendees showed that we are ready.

Let’s go, America. It’s about time we come back, and come back strong.


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