What’s wrong with this picture


What’s wrong with this picture

Read the story — do you see any problem?

Well I do — The Chief of police in this little hamlet stole upward of $30 K from the parking meters over a period of two years and he has to simply pay back the money. No jail time, no nothing…And he gets to make time payments

This is a person who was in a position of trust. He abused that trust. I think that the crime in this case is worse than if he had been simply a clerk in the counting room pocketing the money. He was Chief of Police, for crying out loud. He was to set an example. He was given the keys to the kingdom.

He obviously planned the theft to coincide with his retirement. It was discovered by his successor, when the income increased sharply after the crook retired. His lawyer said that the "incident" was a downturn for the chief and he "feels it desperately."

Yeah, right. Its just some quarters from the parking meter. Pay it back and that’s it.

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to me.


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