When All Else Fails, Charge for Parking


When All Else Fails, Charge for Parking

This area is a trail head. Many people go there on weekends to hike up the side of the mountain and get all healthy and full of sunshine and fresh air. The problem is that there is no parking and they park in the local neighborhoods and then tramp around through local yards and….you know the rest. Read about it here.

I frequent a trail much like this one in Hollywood and problems are similar. Lots of people, not a lot of parking. The city attacked the problem by restricting parking in choice spaces to after 8AM – this helped the late sleepers but not much else.

Then there’s the “no parking ever unless you are a resident with a permit.” Many of the streets are so marked, but all that did was move the problem a few blocks further away – remember these folks are walkers – they like to hike around the neighborhoods.

Last week I heard a rumor the city was building a parking structure to handle the problem. Right – cash strapped LA building a parking structure for yuppie hikers.

So how to solve the problem in Riverside and Mount Rubideaux?

My solution: parking isn’t free so charge for parking. Set up a system so residents can purchase permits and visitors can pay to use on street parking. Enforce the system.

If there is enough money generated, perhaps a parking area can be built and relieve the pressure on the neighborhoods.

It would seem that this approach would solve all the problems – the neighborhoods would get their streets back, the hikers would have a place to park, and the parking would support itself. All would be right with the world.

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