When will they ever learn


When will they ever learn

I doubt that Pete Seeger was thinking about parking at Christmas when he penned “Where have all the flowers gone” in 1955. Nor did the Kingston Trio or Peter Paul and Mary consider parking on main street when they sang the famous ballad.




Reading Parknews.biz I see Astrid has story after story noting that many cities have made the same mistake they make every year.  Free Parking has taken over. Do they understand just why paid parking was instituted in the first place? It wasn’t to generate revenue, it was to create more parking spaces.


Just what is going to prevent employees from parking in those free spaces and take up space meant for customers. I’m sure everyone in the city government will feel good about ‘giving’ parking to the citizenry, but how will those parkers feel as they circle blocks looking for spaces that were taken by local employees.


When will they ever learn.



Kelley Havener

Kelley Havener

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