When will the government learn that they are the problem, not the solution


When will the government learn that they are the problem, not the solution

This is a typical example — the city of New York allows its employees to park free virtually anywhere they like.  In this case, nearly 20,000 vehicles enter the city each day that park free and take revenue generating space. The city loses about $46MM a year. Read about it here.

Heh — the city itself is causing much of the parking and traffic congestion in Manhattan.  Think how much nicer the place would be if 20,000 cars weren’t on the streets.  All they would have to do is let city employees pay what everyone else pays to park.  They would then see the virtue in public transportation and the space would be opened up for those who want to drive and pay.

Time for governments to become part of the solution, not the problem. OH I forgot.  Bloomberg — hizzonner to you, says that they have really cut back on the number of "park free placards" it issues to employees — cutting the number drastically by 12% last year. Wow!


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  1. You touch the issue of the role of Government in parking provision. I have not addressed the point you have made about cutting down the numbers of staff who travel into cities but it is an extremely valid.
    In the United Kingdom context, I think we have a different but not unrelated set of priorities.
    Kalwant Ajimal

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