When you lose and animal.


When you lose and animal.

Animals become a part of your household. They are just there and provide companionship, humor, and a distraction from the reality of life. But they are just animals. They have no immortal soul. So why do we grieve for them.

Of course, we grieve not for them but for ourselves. The pain isn’t for, in this case a cat of 14 years, but for the hole they leave in our lives.

We are more fortunate than most in that we have three other critters that help fill that void. At the moment, however, it is there. Sure, it will pass. What we will hang on to is the great memories a crazy animal can give.

Some say you shouldn’t have animals because of the pain through which you go when they are gone. That’s absurd. Animals provide a stability in your life. They ensure you are there for them. They require some regular care and attention. That’s a good thing.

What to do now? How do we replace Tuxedo. He was the patriarch of our tribe of two dogs and two cats. Of course we don’t. TJ, cat number two,  has already moved into the leadership role. Her constant complaining has almost stopped. She is a bit less attentive, but I think that’s because she doesn’t think she has to be. No more competition.

She walks with us as we walk the dogs every day now, just as Tuxedo did, not just once in a while. She doesn’t range around the neighborhood, but stays close to home.

I don’t think a trip to the pound is in order yet. We need to put some space between this moment and considering a new addition to our household. We will know when the right time comes.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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