Where the Hell am I?


Where the Hell am I?

I had just left the NPA reception.  It was great — good food, good drink, literally hundreds of people chatting. But it was time to go.  I headed back to the street where I could catch a cab back to my hotel. As I walked through the lobby I heard a familiar voice:

Where the Hell Am I?

She was literally lost in the middle of Caesars Palace.  She simply wanted to find her room.  Not a chance.  I have to admit, for all its beauty, this place is very difficult to find your way. To get from the front door to the area where the sessions and the exhibits are could take a 15 minute walk, assuming you know where you were going.

Another friend (I’m not using names to protect the guilty) said he was absolutely sure he would not be able to find his way back from the reception. It was up two escalators, down huge halls, through areas where other organizations were having their parties.

My guess is that the designer of Caesar’s had a kickback from the escalator company.  I have never seen more, or longer, escalators anywhere, including the London Underground.

A hint for convention organizers. Remember that people have to be able to FIND the convention before they can ATTEND the convention. A 20 minute hike, particularly in dress shoes or high heels, isn’t the best way to start a day.


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