Where the Talk is at the IPI


Where the Talk is at the IPI

It’s not in the meeting rooms, it’s in the bars, around the booths and even on the street. My afternoon was filled with parking, everywhere I went.

I walked through lobby of the Hyatt Regency, the main hotel for the conference, and ran in to half the Federal APD sales team, they were heading out for a sales conference. Jack Provencher of Federal was talking to Ruth Beaman of Integpark. Jack ran off to a meeting after Joe Wilson and Mark McNicholas hurried through spilling tidbits about 13 under being the winning number in the golf tourney and that Mark had won the “longest drive” trophy.

Ruth, her partner Kyle Cashion went into the bar for a soda, yes a soda, and were joined at one point or another by Robert Milner from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Rick Decker from Minneapolis St Paul Intl Airport, and Frank Del Monico, this year from Laz Parking. Everywhere you turned it was parking, parking, parking.

Robert , Frank, and Rick all had Blackberries and they went off with email simultaneously. It was Andy emailing them to be sure and check this blog and to check for the Show Daily news, that will be up tomorrow Morning. Now that’s good press, guys.

Back at the set up, it was coming down to the wire. I found a “LUKE” P and D machine by Digital sitting in an aisle three away from their booth. It was heavy and I wondered how it got there. No one seemed to know, except that it was bound for Streetsmart where they have some sort of business relationship. Nineteen folks from the union showed up and it was moved. Now that’s good work.

Someone noted that a couple of the booths were empty. I said not to worry, someone always shows up half an hour before opening and can’t understand why people are yelling at them.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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