Who is responsible? The Scam


Who is responsible? The Scam

An unattended surface lot is "taken over" by people who aren't employees of the owner or the operator. They collect payment in advance and of course keep all the money. Mark comments:
We've all dealt with this particular scam, and as the economy goes so goes the frequency with which it happens. My question is this, who is liable for the lost income? If an employee steals then I (as the operator) am liable to the owner for the lost income. If I (as the operator) know this scam is occurring on a regular basis am I liable for the $'s to the owner because I haven't taken preventative measures, am I liable to the customer for their loss for the same reason?
JVH responds:
It is the operator's responsiblity to take all possible care and to involve the owner in any possible solution. If all is done that can be done, I don't see how the operator can be held to account.
So. What to do? First I would place large prominent signs telling parkers there are no attendants and to pay at the POF or honor box. Second, if there are attendants, there should be no problems. Third I would have uniformed staff checking for the problem. And Fourth, I would lobby the city for stronger laws and demand they be enforced. After all if someone does this 100 times $10 a go, they have stolen $1000.
Oh, the customer? I say they park at their own risk and if there is no receipt on their dash, they are liable for a citation.
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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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