Who is at fault, really???


Who is at fault, really???

Here we go again…A ‘non parking’ auditor does his thing at a hospital in Miami and finds "irregularities." The operator is on the defensive. Who does the auditor blame. Well its rather refreshing. To quote from the article in the Miami Herald:

”This condition is of great concern to the [office] because it shows that the [trust] was not a diligent, effective gatekeeper of public funds,” Mazzella wrote.

The "trust" in this case was the group that oversees the Jackson Memorial Hospital and the operator was one of the biggies, Standard. The complaint was that many expenses didn’t have documentation. In fact all the issues had to do with expenses.

Parking operations can get out of hand. However, they wouldn’t if the owners would simply look at reports, ask questions, and demand excellence.

I am not going to soft pedal the responsibility. The operator should have done a better job. However when you consider that the revenues of this location were in the millions and over the 18 months the errors were in the neighborhood of $5 grand a month. If you look at the information in the article, these were undocumented expenses. IE lost invoices, A third of which were for tickets, damage repairs, and uniform maintenance. Money was not stolen, or lost, just bad documentation. Auditors love that kind of stuff, makes them look like they are doing their job.

Just another article that makes the industry look back street and irresponsible. My guess is that the operator won this with low bid, and the hospital was happy that they got the company that would do the job for the lowest cost. They most likely got what they paid for.

Plus there is more to the story, my guess, than printed in the Herald. Care to comment, operator?


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