Whoops – Parking Fees Raised at UCLA – To Help It Go Green


Whoops – Parking Fees Raised at UCLA – To Help It Go Green

The UCLA Daily Bruin doesn’t want students to have to pay more to park. Even if it does help the Los Angeles School meet its “Green” requirements. Read all about it here.

So let’s see — We want to save the Polar Bears and the whales, We want primeval forests untouched, we want clean air and water, but we don’t want to sacrifice to do it. Now that’s my alma mater.

Provide free bicycles, or better van pools, but for goodness sake don’t ask students to pay more for parking (and thus reduce the number of cars driven to the Westwood Campus). After all these students are commuters and gee, they may have jobs after work, or errands they need to complete.

Yes, you intellectual tree huggers. Figure it out. Everyone has jobs, and errands, and the like. We all need to get to them. And to soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, church, meetings, the supermarket. Mom’s need to pick up kids after school. Its how the world works.

You would love to see your parents inconvenienced, overcharged, and the like while they go about their business paying for your cushy university educations, but your NIMBY attitudes show you for what you really are, hypocrites, like the residents of Cape Cod who demand that the country support wind farms, but high a team of lawyers to keep the farm from their beautiful views.




John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Ooh snap. Every comment I’ve read about this story has pointed at the inherent hypocrisy in both the editorial and the stance taken by the UCLA undergraduate government. I’m really surprised, and disappointed.

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