Why not plant the trees?


Why not plant the trees?

Chase is launching a program to place EV charging at 50 of its branches across the fruited plain. They are partnering with EVgo and plan to expand the pilot program to an additional 400 branches by the end of the year. More power to them. Pun intended.

They note that the vehicles using the stations will:

Once installed and operational at the 50 branch locations, EVgo estimates chargers will deliver up to 9.4million kWh annually to provide nearly 30 million EV miles charged, equivalent to avoiding 12,000 mt of CO2 and planting approximately 196,000 trees each year.

So let’s see. As I read it, the charging stations will deliver a ton of electricity to EVs. They will do it quickly and conveniently. Fair enough. They neglected to comment on how many metric tons of CO2 will be created generating the 9.4 million kWh. But perhaps that’s not relevant.  Read all about it in parknews.biz

I note that they comment that had they planted 196,000 trees those critters would have gobbled up the CO2 generated by the 30 million miles of ICE powered vehicles.

30 years ago the “tree people” in Los Angeles began a program to plant one million trees. There were pot lucks and block parties and fund raisers and sure enough, in a couple of years, those folks had planted over 1,000,000 trees in LA. I’m sure that our air is cleaner, and I’m also sure that the city is more beautiful. Parks are better, streets are cooler, all is more right with the world. We actually planted eight trees in our yard. It was fun watching them grow.

I wonder what the result would be if Chase had invested the same amount of money supporting the EV effort of the government and planted 200,000 trees around its branches each year. Think of the tag lines for their ads. “Come to the bank in the forest” or “We use your money to plant a tree.”

Gee, then then 97% of us that own ICE powered cars will have a place to park them in the shade.

Please remember that I’m all for folks who want to drive EVs. I think they should go for it. The Tesla is perhaps the greatest car every built. I just wonder why banks and shopping centers have to get into the energy business. See my blog about letting the free market work. When folks have to pay the true cost of getting those electrons into their batteries, there will be a charging station on every street corner.


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