Why Not Valet at Airports?


Why Not Valet at Airports?

Four of the Nation’s busiests airports are featuring Valet Parking — Read about it here. Newark, Seatac, O’Hare, and San Francisco all offer the service. And it Doesn’t come cheap – All charge over $30 a day for letting you drop off your car in front of the terminal and returning it to you there.

I wonder how long they actually wait for their cars? Anybody know?  If the total transaction is more than 5-10 minutes, I would recommend they use the off airport operations that provide valet service. For instance — Parking Spot, Wally Park, and a number of others offer valet service.

I drop off my car — hop on the shuttle and am at my terminal in about five minutes. Upon return I wait for the shuttle, usually about five minutes, then I am taken to the off airport location — I get out of the van, into my car and drive off — Since the parking company already has my credit card info, the receipt is in my car and I just drive away.

I don’t know how the on airport group does it, but I think I would hesitate to bring a car up until the person was actually standing there. I’m sure they don’t want to have cars waiting 20-30 minutes for drivers looking for luggage. If that’s the case, then the 5 plus minute wait probably isn’t an over estimate.

Of course I pay about $15 a day less than the prices mentioned above.

Input anyone?


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