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World Class Nimby

I have to laugh when millionaire politicians and the scions of Silicon Valley speak endlessly about helping the poor and downtrodden, but can’t seem to live their lives in such a way to show they really mean it.

Seems the tiny community of Woodside, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, median home price $4.5 million and residents have included Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison and his 23 acre estate is attempting to claim that their city is habitat for the mountain lion and therefore should be exempt from a California state law allowing duplexes to be built in areas that previously had been zoned for single family dwellings.

After all, these wealthy folk want plenty of housing for those of us of lessor means, but just don’t want it in their town. Of course, if we build outside and create urban sprawl, where are the mountain lions supposed to go then?

The people of Woodside are concerned about their home values, and the fact that they may plummet if lower classes are allowed to move into their neighborhoods. I can see the concern. However it would seem that the mere cost of the rent of a duplex in this area would limit the number of people who would be able to afford to live there.

As an aside, can’t politicians and those who are covered with wealth get their respective acts together. They can demand that I wear a mask, but they can cavort at the Superbowl playoffs, go to fancy restaurants mask free, or pose with masked school children sans face covering and that’s OK. Where does that come from? What’s good for me is not for thee?

Not in my back yard. Folks seem to be in favor of this project or that, as long as its ‘over there’ or ‘down the street’ but never in my back yard. Hey guys, maybe if you met some of the Hoi Polli, you might find that they might make good neighbors.


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