World’s Most Beautiful Parking Garages


World’s Most Beautiful Parking Garages

OK, let’s be honest here…We ran this garage on our cover last year and I think its really pretty, but most beautiful?

Go here and check out the other nine. Personally, I think this list should be titled, The 10 most beautiful pictures of parking garages. Frankly I drive by number 6 every day and it’s different, but most beautiful, I don’t think so. Number 7 and 8 are neat, but beautiful…Nuh Huaa Here’s what I mean – if you took this picture at noon, would the garage be in the running:

Actually, I would pick this one as most beautiful, although it, too, is favored by special lighting and time of day photo.

The neatest one was the Michigan Theater Parking Garage, below: They saved the building and the wonderful décor inside:

Well, this was from some pop culture site called flavorpill. So there’s no accounting for taste.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Interesting from a distance but someone needs to do a list of the ten parking garages that most contribute to vibrant pedestrian-friendly urban streets. That would truly be helpful to city leaders.

  2. I wonder how functional these facilities are? I’ve seen some well designed exteriors with poorly designed interiors. If you can’t drive in it easily, then the garage is just a pretty, but not very useful, facility.

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