WOW! Check out our New Web Site


WOW! Check out our New Web Site

OK, he is my son, but he and Webmaster Suda have done a fantastic job. Our new web site is designed so we can change content at will. Even troglodytes like me can (with appropriate password) add news, ads, content, without involving someone who speaks in HTML.

You need to see a couple of things. First, the neatest. We have taken the magazine and digitized it, and made all the links work, plus savy advertisers can add just a little extra…Wanna check out PT March, a full two weeks before you will receive it at work, click here. Don’t stop before you get to page 6. How’s that for a magazine ad?

Play with it a bit with your mouse. It’s really fairly intuitive. Click and it enlarges, and you can move the page around. Gee

You know my rules, if you need instructions, it’s not designed properly.

Plus, you can check out our homepage here:

Great Job, Andy and Suda…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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