Wow – They got it right


Wow – They got it right

The Sandpoint. ID,. City council has voted to remove all parking zoning restrictions on its downtown area. They may be channeling Don Shoup but they say, and I agree, that it will revitalize the downtown area and give businesses a leg up.

Of course they are right. The problem with zoning requirements is first of all that they are simply guesses by planners and have no relation on reality. Second they fit the business that was originally in the spot. If the business was a hardware store and is becoming a restaurant, the chances are the parking would prevent the restaurant.

It seems to me that if the new restaurant owner can figure out how to park cars for his business, that should in fact be his or her business. Those concerned that the resulting parking ‘mess’ would drive away business should consider what empty stores do to downtowns.

Way to go Sandpoint.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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