Wow — Its tapering off and a lottery


Wow — Its tapering off and a lottery

We have had a lot of action here at the Parking Blog.  Most people coming from our reference in the New York Times. Prior to our 15 minutes of fame, most people had thoughtful posts on topics dealing with parking from the parking operator and/or owner’s point of view.

Most of the posts since Sunday have been from the parkers point of view. And, it seems, they have a point. Except for the ones that have showed thier lack of courage and cooth by using obscene language because that’s probably all they know, most have a common theme.

Parking is a pain. The policies of cities makes it worse.

I’m afraid that I must agree. Parking is a pain. And policies and the training of parking control officers are almost nonexistent in most cities. And what training there is, takes most common sense away.

I do firmly believe that laws should be enforced equally and firmly. However since 99% of the parking scofflaws are never ticketed, its like a lottery where the looser get the ticket.

Now lets see — if most of the time I can simply ignore the law and not get a ticket, I get used to the fact that tickets aren’t coming my way, I am really insensed when I loose the lottery and get a ticket. "Hell, I parked here nine times before and didn’t get a ticket, why should I get one now."

So, what to do — I"m no genius. Anyone have an idea…I’m sure that there’s a Jefferson, Madison, or Adams out there with parking on the brain.


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