Writer attacks Valet Parking


Writer attacks Valet Parking

A cynical reporter in Florida has written a piece lambasting valet parking and equating it to "rich" people. Read it here.

Oh, its funny, and cute, but it certainly has no basis on fact.  In fact, it contradicts itself.  Lets see — he makes fun of valet parking at the local supermarket, but in almost the same sentence, notes that the valet business is slow because the weather is good and folks are self parking.  He complains that one feels "extorted" to valet park and then notes that its a choice, and many, who don’t want to give their cars to the valet, can easily self park "a standing broad jump away."

No where does he note that the people that self park are at risk when they leave their cars. If there is any damage they pay for it, not the parking lot or the nearby store. However if they leave their car with a valet, the Valet Company accepts full responsibility for the vehicle.  Seems like a good deal to me for a few bucks and a tip.

The writer is trying to drive a wedge between the "rich" who valet park and the rest of us who slave away and park our own jalopies. 

There is no mention of the valet parking operations at hospitals where the sick are helped by the service, or at senior citizen communities where some folks simply can’t walk the distance from parking to their destinations, or the "on street" valets who provide the service in neighborhoods where there simply isn’t enough convenient parking, well, I could go on and on.

Oh yes, I just got back from Las Vegas and noted that at every hotel and club, valet parking is available, and its free.  Lets see  — I can walk to one of the huge garages connected by tunnel and bridge to the hotel, a walk that usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, schlepping my bags, or I can what, stroll to the entrance to the hotel, hand someone my ticket and wait in air conditioned comfort while my car is brought to me.  I can then tip the driver a couple of bucks and I am off, probably with some  good information or directions I need. Doesn’t sound like you need to be rich to avail yourself of that little service.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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