Yes, Its Christmas Time.


Yes, Its Christmas Time.

One of the wonders of this season is how far companies will go to twist themselves into pretzels with their seasonal messages and not wish folks “Merry Christmas.” They seem to be so afraid of offending someone that they put the meaning of this season in their pocket and fold into ‘Happy Holidays.” To them I say, Bah Humbug.

Can we face reality. This is the Christmas season. It’s not the holiday season. Although Channuakh and Kwanza are celebrated around the same time, this is the Christmas Season. If you have Jewish friends, or those that celebrate Kwanza, then by all means wish them the best for their celebrations. But that doesn’t mean that we have to place Christmas in a stocking along with a lump of coal.

The story of Christmas is filled with wonder and magic. It tells of a rebirth, of hope, at a time when faith was restricted, and the state was all there was. The Romans feared the Christians and the birth of Jesus so much they went on a campaign to kill all young male babies. This little child sent chills throughout the ruling class of the most powerful country the world had ever known.

The truth that the baby carried in his closed fists was that freedom and worship as you wanted was universal and could not be taken away. When he grew to be an adult, he spent less than three years telling his story. And yet that story has survived two millennia and come to think of it, we probably need it more today than ever.

When we wish “Merry Christmas” it isn’t to denigrate other faiths but to remember our own. It is to take just a moment to tell others that this season, this time of giving, of music, of celebration, is a time to remember just what that child, those shepherds, the visiting wise men, and the magical angels really mean.

Let’s put paid to those woke fueled meaningless greetings and bring back the tradition. Wish your friends, your customers, strangers on the street, just as I wish you now, a Very Merry Christmas.


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