Yikes – 24 Hours is All You Have To Hire the Best – Take Recruitment to the Next Level at PIE 2019


Yikes – 24 Hours is All You Have To Hire the Best – Take Recruitment to the Next Level at PIE 2019

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced job growth of 312,000 positions in December.  Two sectors with notable growth included Food Service and Retail – industries that parking competes with for top talent.   This makes the need for speed in hourly talent acquisition efforts more important than ever.  Imagine yourself in a foot race with competing companies to get in front of and hire top candidates first.

Initial candidate screening and the interview process are common drag points that can slow down recruitment efforts allowing talent to slip away to the competition.  Speed things up with a few changes to the process:

  • Make initial contact with candidates via text instead of phone or email.  This often gets a faster response and the success rate at actually speaking with a candidate quickly for initial screening will increase exponentially.
  • Establish a group interview program, so you can evaluate more candidates simultaneously and eliminate rounds of interviews and time involved meeting with each candidate one on one.  A huge side benefit of this approach is that when done well, this process allows for a more authentic evaluation of each candidate.

During my presentation at this year’s PIE Show and Exhibition on March 12th I talk specifically about tactics you can use to improve your hourly workforce talent acquisition processes, so you can fill open positions and focus on other priorities in your business.  Join me for this interactive session and take your recruitment efforts to the next level!

24 Hours.  That’s it.  Top hourly candidates will only last in your pipeline this long once they apply if they don’t hear from you.  If hiring frontline associates is a challenge for your organization, then attending this session at PIE is a must!  I will share both strategy and practical tips on hiring practices to ensure your process is productive and yields finalists you want to hire.  I will show you easy, fast ways to promote your employer brand, interview for both technical skills and behavioral traits and evaluate the finalists so you hire the right talent every time.  At the end of this session, you’ll be able to immediately put in play those best practices that change the hiring challenge to opportunity!

Victoria L. Pero

Principal, Marlyn Group


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