You try to be a good guy and it bites you in the …..


You try to be a good guy and it bites you in the …..

Here’s the deal — The City of Lowell, as reported here a week ago, is installing new revenue control equipment. The City’s parking administrator says that Central, their operator, might have to reduce some staff due to the new equipment which is not labor intensive, but probably not until all the garages are automated.

Well, Central laid off a staffer this week, the reason given? The New automation equipment. And boy is he upset. Read about it here.

Seems that the company needed to let a staff member go for its own reasons, and put "new automation and lack of computer skills" on the notice. His manager said they did that so he could more easily get unemployment insurance. A company being nice…

But of course, the media throws it in the face of the city, the parking operator, and whomever else is about. Here we go, automation is taking away the jobs of the poor defenseless downtrodden $24,000 a year, plus benefits, as a second shift supervisor for Central. Of course its not true.  He had a problem with his job or his boss or whomever, and the company needed to let him go. They did it as nicely as possible, and they get it in the neck.

I had a boss once that told me to never do something like that. You will be hurt in every case, and not get any credit for it. Always be up front with your hirings and firings. Let the chips fall where they may. So far, my experience has proved him right.


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  1. Horsehockey! Whoever fired this supervisor is a big fat chicken! I don’t know how the unemployement insurance works in their state, however in Missouri all the employer would have to do in order to make easy for him is to simply not contest the employees claim.

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