Revenue Control Survey

Two revenue control systems: One locks up weekly, the other never has a problem. One exceeds expectations in virtually every area, the other’s comments reflected

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11,492 Spaces

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is nearing completion of a $1.2 billion expansion project, which has as its centerpiece, a new 97-gate McNamara Terminal that

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University of Stirling

Editor’s note: During September 2000, the University of Stirling in the UK introduced the use of automatic number-plate recognition to control and report traffic access

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University of Kansas

When the University of Kansas announced plans for immediate and long-term improvements to campus parking in 1997, construction of an 800-space parking structure was one

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Ball State University

Recycling is a critical element of Ball State University’s overall mission to improve the environmental and aesthetic quality of the campus. More bicycling means less

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Design Build

The $26 billion parking industry is no different than any other market segment in today’s economy. Burdened with the pressure to do more with less,

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Training for Hand-Helds

It wasn’t an optimal learning environment. They were on a busy city street contending with all the noise of an urban setting. Six officers in

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New Equipment Requirements

Dear Parking Today: Regarding the story “San Francisco Mandates Revenue Control Among Operators” (PT, January 2002), I find it rather interesting how some employees will

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What Do You Think?

Recently, a colleague and I became embroiled in a heated conversation regarding how individuals enhance use of their minds yet do not exhibit that enhancement.

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Not a Cashier Booth in Sight

The first fully automated (cashierless) airport parking facility in the United States opened last month in New Jersey. The parking facility, with more than 1,800

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I’m Mad as Hell…

And I’m not going to take it anymore. Well, perhaps not in the manner of the signature role by the late actor Peter Finch in

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Global Positioning Systems

Traffic-related technology is a fast developing science. This has particularly been the case in Singapore, where electronic road pricing and the local cash card are

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The FAA 300-Foot Rule

The Parking Industry has been extremely concerned with the Federal Aviation Administration’s so-called 300-foot rule now in effect at airports. In the following article Thomas

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An About Face

I had been invited to speak before the California Public Parking Association’s 18th Annual Conference and Tradeshow in Monterey and accepted their invitation. While at

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